Duwende: “Little Bit of This”

December 8, 2020 | Writer: Ico Beltran

With “Little Bit of This,” Duwende, the six-person capella band, expand on theircollection of jazz- and funk-influenced pop hits.

Listening to Duwende is like entering a party packed with smooth-talking gentlemen thatsweep you off your feet. Smooth basslines, harmonic vocables, and slick complimentstake the stage. A collage of dancing takes sight and all concerns dwindle away. Themoment is focused on the listener. The listener is focused on the glossy ambience ofthe night as Duwende continues to spread their suave persona from lady to lady. This isan alluring, irresistible track for anyone that needs some fun!

Duwende is taking the world by storm with over 10 million views on their YoutubeChannel and sold-out shows in several different countries. Don’t miss out!

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