Hazel x YARO: “Find You”

December 15, 2020 | Writer: Ico Beltran

Hazel and YARO collaborate for a seductive dance-pop tune in “Find You.”

“Find You” is one of those tracks that you might hear at a late-night club. It immerses you in a cave of strobe lights and crystal walls. Samples bounce off the edges and reverberate as echoed stimuli. It’s a minimalistic and subdued experience; Hazel’s melodies take the spotlight until a deep house sample sizzles to introduce beats of studio precision. In the accompanying music video, Hazel explores giant, ice-covered mountains, vast distances, and Brunswick green forests. Frost emits from her presence as she fords through the reaches. What better way to represent such visuals than with subzero electronics? Such a sound perfectly embodies the adventure deep within all of us.

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