Natalie Joly: “Running Circles”

December 20, 2020 | Writer: Ico Beltran

Natalie Joly’s “Running Circles” begins as a light acoustic tune that blooms into a euphoria of layered, sentimental singing.

In this track, after an introductory minute of bliss, the strings begin to intensify. It isn’t long after when piano notes are brought into the jive. Natalie Joly’s beautiful chorus, “I keep running circles, see how good my words pull, I know you can hear what I’m tryingto say,” repeats in a loop while she introduces new lines with vocal perfection. It feels like a homecoming dance in a small rural town; it’s light hearted, intimate, and a complete contrast to Joly’s previous rock-heavy singles this year in “You Oughta Know”and “Irresistible.” A deliberate match of lyricism and songwriting is on full display. Joly’s message of being alright despite “running around” is supported by the song’s peaceful melodies.

At the age of 24, Natalie Joly has already shown her musical prowess. With influencesfrom the Beatles, Taylor Swift, and Tom Petty, we’re positive that you’ll love her as much as we do

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