JJ Rosa: “Everything and Nothing”

December 15, 2020 | Writer: Ico Beltran

JJ Rosa’s sincere vocals and stunningly husky guitar riffs exude with power, creating
music that reflects the strength of a woman.

The Theory of Everything and Nothing composes the entirety of one’s being; it’s the
truth, values, and beliefs of a person. In this track, this theory is used mockingly with JJ
Rosa scorning a temporary lover for ever thinking that they can truly understand her.
When she belts out, “Like you know, everything and nothing ‘bout me. Everything and
nothing ‘bout me,” her decision to mold with a lover doesn’t make her any weaker. She
acknowledges a call towards comfort in a complete stranger but still finds strength in her
own identity. “Everything and Nothing” takes a twist on the usual love story by
maintaining that a woman can keep her individualism despite taking part in a
relationship. This is a powerful message for any woman that feels overshadowed by her

Hailing from Manchester, England, the multi-talented JJ Rosa is sure to blow you away
with her amazing singing!

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