Phil Lauzon: “Because of Yours”

December 24, 2020 | Writer: Ico Beltran

Phil Lauzon enters that elusive space of reflection and appreciation where it feels like
time has stopped. “Because of Yours” is sure to bring any listeners into that same aura.

The Canadian-based country artist, Phil Lauzon, has only recently entered the country
scene this year. But despite the low number of tracks under his belt, it feels like he’s
been with us the entire time. “Because of Yours” strikes straight for the heart. It’s a song
that makes us gratified for the people we hang out with and the time we are given.
Lauzon’s powerful delivery hits like lessons from a long-lost relative. Lines such as,
“Lookin’ back it’s a miracle how I found something worth livin’ for” and “Time was
something I was waiting’ on to just slip away, sand through the hands of a man too
ashamed to pray,” make it difficult to hold back tears. This is a track for those lost in the
rat race or for those ashamed of their past. Lauzon suggests that reflecting on what
we’ve been given, even in those dark times, will lighten the load.

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