The Fold: “Young & Free”

December 24, 2020 | Writer: Ico Beltran

“Young & Free” is a song about embracing the gifts of youth, such as the adversities
that shape who we are and the golden opportunities that lead us to our joy.

The Fold, the synthpop band known for creating the theme song for Cartoon Network’s
LEGO Ninjago (“The Weekend Whip”), find themselves contemplating between life
decisions. Oftentimes, we can never truly know the right actions to take until one has
already been made. “Young & Free” is not a guide for making the right decision.
Instead, it relishes in the freedom to choose between multiple choices and continue to
thrive regardless of the consequences. Rather than sulking away from their mistakes,
The Fold embraces everything that their youth has given them. And to reflect this feeling
of liberation, they resort to beaming synthesizers that envelop the entire track along with
a subtle beat. It’s a nice change of pace from their usual breakneck riffs. This is a track
that all listeners are sure to love!

With 112 million views and over 145,000 subscribers on their Youtube channel, The
Fold certainly isn’t new to internet success. A new LEGO Ninjago season lined up for
2021 and an anticipated full-length LP has fans excited for new releases.

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