Blondfire & Family of the Year: “Starboy (Weekend Cover)”

December 25, 2020 | Writer: Ico Beltran

Blondfire and Family of the Year reconstructs The Weeknd’s alternative R&B hit single,“Starboy,” into a pleasant folk tune.

Covering such a prominent and influential song in the mainstream pop world is anincredibly ambitious task. But to completely break down that track and rebuild it with adifferent genre and tone is a feat that not all artists can achieve. Blondfire and Family ofthe Year, however, are of a different breed—and this is meant in the best way possible. Previously known as Astaire, Blondfire, the brother-sister tag team of Erica and Bruce Driscoll, and Family of the Year are both known for their music in the indie-folk scene. In this cover, The Weeknd’s falsetto is aptly replaced with equally high-pitched vocals in Erica Driscoll. Although she takes the spotlight, she is strongly supported by the male background vocals and the light acoustic strings.

This single is sure to appeal to a range of listeners; to fans of The Weeknd to indie-folk enthusiasts, this song is for you!

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