James Velasco: “Chasing the Dawn”

December 25, 2020 | Writer: Ico Beltran

Chasing the Dawn” is one of the most tender ballads of the year.

James Velasco’s intimate voice is followed by the light strumming of an acoustic guitarand piano samples that sporadically elongate into nostalgic fractures. He reminisces of a past lover’s abandonment, yet there is never a hint of loathe in his voice: “Hear your voice in my head, as you walked away. Said there was someone new, you wouldn’t say.” Thus, this is a song about acceptance and moving on. Velasco looks back up on his past and acknowledges both the joys and sufferings of love. This is a slow poem that paddles upon old memories; a rowing in a river of recollections.

James Velasco has released both an EP and an LP this year, titled, “Sound Collection”and “Storybook,” respectively. Be sure to visit these releases for more soft hearted tunes!

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