Tatiana Owens: “Wow”

December 25, 2020 | Writer: Ico Beltran

Wow” is a strong expression of Tatiana Owens’s versatility; it includes Owen’s alluring
flow, an oscillating flute sample, and urban house beats.

Tatiana Owens is no stranger to American hip-hop. Having featured on the channels,
CBS, MTV, and VH1 Logo, and with shows performed in California, New York,
Michigan, Connecticut, Tennessee, and New Jersey, Owens already has a formidable
track record. Her previous songs, such as “Trigger” and “I Know U Know,” contain
rockabilly and futuristic pop elements, respectively. It’s no surprise that with “Wow,”
Owens continues to challenge her creativity. The hip-hop-style flute sample feels like a
revival of Nujabes and her line delivery is as bold as it is sexy. In her hooks, the stress
of her “Woows” emit a soothing jive which sets the tone for her rhythmic rapping. This
mix of pop and hip-hop is sure to stay on repeat in your playlists!

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