Taylor Castro x Carson Rowland: “This Ain’t Love”

December 25, 2020 | Writer: Ico Beltran

Taylor Castro and Carson Rowland team up for a dynamic pop song.

Taylor Castro, known for her single, “Girl, Afraid,” in which she speaks of her struggles with OCD, joins Carson Rowland, the actor known for his part in Nickelodeon’s first global series, ​I Am Frankie​. This unconventional duo surprisingly makes for a strong team. Although Castro’s primal-toned singing is the clear star of the show, Rowland is not so far behind. At the 1:38 mark, Rowland begins to rap and tags out as Castroenters the fray, spitting lines of independence from lovers that want her to change: “Tryna make myself what you want, but love ain’t a game so stay or not.” This moment, in conjunction with the chorus in which they both belt out, “This ain’t love, this ain’t like when we fell,” is sure to excite all listeners.

With already many singles released this year from both Taylor Castro and Carson Rowland, expect to see some new material from both artists in the coming year!

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