Todd Michael Schultz: “Doorstep”

December 25, 2020 | Writer: Ico Beltran

Todd Michael Schultz’s “Doorstep” is an upbeat Americana tune with an empowering chorus.

Todd Michael Schultz has created a track that influences us to defend ourselves from any abuse that comes our way. He stands up for himself, demanding, “Don’t you darering that bell, turn away and go to hell.” This assertive energy is redirected into layers of string instrumentation, which even includes the banjo for bluegrass vibes. “Doorstep”overturns the demeaning stereotypes that constantly hit Americana and country music. Oftentimes, these genres may be considered gaudy or overly flowery with lyrics that speak of the times back at the farm. But one listen of this track will make critics think otherwise. “Doorstep” is about planting your foot down and holding your ground; it’s ananthem for strength.

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