Dama Juda: “Let’s Try”

December 28, 2020 | Writer: Ico Beltran

The new single by Dama Juda, “Let’s Try,” features Kate Bush-inspired vocal inflectionswith an acoustic-focused, indie rock sound.

Dama Juda’s chorus of, “I know that we shouldn’t let go, so let’s try we’ll make it on byand we’ll keep on going until the day lets up,” instantly recalls the passionate and lush elements of Kate Bush’s 80s songs, such as “Running Up That Hill.” But where as Bushwas assertive in expressing her emotions, Dama Juda meditates in serenity. Thestripped-down string and percussion instrumentals remain soft in the background in order to accentuate Dama Juda’s unique vocals. It’s a similar effect that aged, flowery wallpaper would have on a room: it’s present enough to remain significant but doesn’t overshadow anything else. It’s the proper formula for a light-toned jingle.

Although she’s had decades of songwriting, Dama Juda has only started producing her music this year. And so far, all we’ve witnessed is success!

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