INNA: “Maza Jaja”

December 28, 2020 | Writer: Ico Beltran

“Maza Jaja,” INNA’s opening track on her new LP, ​Heartbreaker​, is a Latin pop banger.

With over a decade of albums—from her debut ​Hot​ to the recently released Heartbreaker​—INNA has been an influential frontrunner of Romanian Popcorn, a style of dance music that incorporates Romanian influences into dance-pop. As of 2020, the genre has reached widespread popularity outside of Romania and into the westernworld. And with songs such as “Maza Jaja,” this should be no surprise. INNA’s sensuality exudes into rhythmic sections; she repetitively sings out, “Maza jaja, mazajaja, Jane han lo, pagaal nikal da” in front of classic house beats. With non-Englishsinging artists, such as Rosalía, attaining international stardom, INNA’s Romanian music is given leeway for more success. We’re sure that her new album is bound tobring in more fame.

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