D’MANGELO: “Inauguration”

January 05, 2021 | Writer: Ico Beltran

In “Inauguration,” the third track to his latest LP(​Twisted Election​), D’MANGELOchannels his pent-up emotions to address national disunity.

“This ain’t just pretend, now. This ain’t just pretend now, ohh,” D’MANGELO delivers ashe realizes the harsh reality of America’s political division. Unlike the many anti-Trumpsongs from contemporary artists that take shape as direct attacks against conservative,traditional values, D’MANGELO focuses upon recognition and reconciliation. Similarly tohis twitter feed that advocates for peace, kindness, and love, “Inauguration” is aproposal for how to heal the world. Seething statements of “How you gon’ teach thenation, when you lack the education” and “All I see is half-men and weak MCs” identifiesthe root of issues, sequentially finding that these issues lie with all people, fromDemocrats to Republicans and Liberals to Conservatives. With D’MANGELO’sempathetic but firm spirit, “Inauguration” manifests itself as messages from our wiseancestors that have faced similar strife.

Inspirations from Nas, E-40, 2Pac, and Rakim can be seen in D’MANGELO’sconscious, old school style. There’s a lot to love with this Ohio-born rapper.

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