Simero: “First Time”

January 05, 2021 | Writer: Ico Beltran

Under the pseudonym Simero, the EDM producer Simon Ornstein reveals “First Time,”his debut track to his musical career. It’s an uplifting trance banger.

Without a stage name, the Swedish DJ has previously made his mark in Europe; hismost well-known performances were located in Scandinavia. But now, Simon Ornsteinunveils his venture as an independent electronic artist to the entire world. With over tensof thousands of plays on Spotify and Apple Music, Simero’s “First Time” is taking theworld by storm (and rightfully so). This buildup-breakdown jive track sways between thelanguid and the vigorous. At one moment, all that can be heard are starry-eyed pianonotes and Ornstein’s A1 vocals. Suddenly, the piano notes burst with a sheen that canlight up a stadium. Released near the end of December, “First Time” liberates us fromthe dread of 2020 and invites us into the new year with shimmering excitement.

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