Nicholas Hamilton: “Different Year”

December 20, 2020 | Writer: Ico Beltran

“Different Year” is a cry for help masked by pleasing instrumentals—lyrics of depressionand sorrow combine with short-lived guitar chords and light piano notes. It’s a song that calls us to help each other out during these lonely times.

With 2020 almost at its end, artists and musicians are keen to release music thatreflects our universal struggles. It truly was a different year that nobody was expecting. While many of us are glad that it’s over, we should also recognize the struggles that people are still facing and offer our help. 2021, after all, may not immediately relieve usof our problems. Nicholas Hamilton’s “Different Year” is an alarm that reminds us to continuously provide our empathy. Although, sonically, this track is a beautiful tune with Hamilton’s light Australian accent, his lyrics should also be taken seriously. He cries out,“I swear that it’s just me. Living alone inside insanity,” and mourns in the line, “I’d be lying if I said I’m alright.” This is the perfect song to accompany our journey heading intothe new year.

Hailing from the music town of Byron Bay, Australia, Nicholas Hamilton is a 20-year-oldsinger/songwriter who found success at a young age of 14 in the film, Captain Fantastic.Since then, he’s also gained popularity for his cover of “Sweet Child O’ Mine” and is continuing to release music.

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