J.W. CUDD: “Make Out” (Acoustic)

February 16, 2021 | Writer: Eric Reyes

Growing up, I looked forward to when my favorite bands would release acoustic covers of their more thoughtful, emotional tracks. Now, all grown up… I still love it. And I have now been blessed by an artist I have more than a passing fan’s knowledge of. Having reviewed several songs by J.W. Cudd before and enjoyed his spin of tracks in various genres, always searching for a home without ever feeling out of place, I am definitely a fan of this offering.

‘Make Out’ shows that J.W. Cudd and Acoustic mix well. Taking advantage of his wide vocal range, and expertly layering his own breathless sighs as a part of the chorus, J.W. Cudd entrances and entertains in this steamy, but no less easy to listen to, rendition of one of his hit singles. There is a heavyflex of the deeper range of his vocal ability here. It’s not intimidating but I’ll be honest I got some chills. It’s like he’s talking to you, only you. The lyrics paint a romantic, thrilling picture of intimacy, of longing. Without breaking or wavering, there is a firmness to the vocal quality that is incredibly seductive. Like someone standing just beside you, whispering into your ear, not touching you with their body, but the heat of their body, occasionally a finger-tip tracing along your skin as goosebumps rise to meet the unfamiliar energy.

The acoustic accompaniment is very chill, very simple, very straightforward, creating a lovely, lilting effect that keeps your energy, however enticed by the vocals sighing out of your speakers, in check. Let J.W. Cudd convince you that he’s letting you in on a secret known only to you, him, and the bedsheets with this hot, like uncomfortably hot, Acoustic rendition of his hit single, ‘Make Out

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