Haddix: “Suffocating”

March 26, 2021 | Writer: Princess Carroll

It’s not often you hear a track where the beat and vocals match perfectly, but Haddix has mastered it! “Suffocating” is the newest single from the singer and it’s just as passionate as the title. 

Haddix is trying to escape the grips of the song’s subject. She’s fighting for control and is determined to win her freedom. Anyone who’s been under love’s spell can identify it’s grip and Haddix brings that struggle to life in her impassioned performance. The track’s beat highlights this struggle further, ranging from its controlled and demure sound under the verses to the bold, empowered beat under her chorus. “Suffocating” is both relatable and powerful- the perfect mix!

Haddix is a native of Ontario, Canada. The young artist met Nashville legend Jason Davis at just 19 years old and he provided her with the opportunity of a lifetime. Although there’s no confirmation, we’re waiting for a debut album!

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