5WEST: “Last Time”

April 2, 2021 | Writer: Ico Beltran

“Last Time” is a sign of a new and upcoming boy band just beyond the horizon.

With songs such as “Collide” and “One Shot,” 5WEST—The US group of Caleb Duke,Owen Pastore, Jon Paul Nesheiwat, and Peet Montzingo—have made their mark in the contemporary music world. Their minimalistic samples and youthful harmonies are abreath of fresh air. Long gone are the days of One Direction. Now, we have a new group with a burning desire for success. 5WEST’s incorporation of light chimes andear-candy vocals feels bare in comparison to the production of previous pop boy bands. They take a step back and appreciate the space of music. It certainly has us excited foran upcoming 2021 album!

5WEST have gained heavy traction after supporting the UK boy band, Boyzone, in2019. In that same year, their debut single, “Stars About You,” hit the Top 30 of theBillboard charts. With a 2021 tour lined up, there’s no doubt that there are great things coming in the future!

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