Flawless Solace: “If You’re All Mine”

April 5, 2021 | Writer: Ico Beltran

“If You’re All Mine” combines lo-fi production to the distressing sound of Nick Cave andthe Bad Seeds—it’s a punk-blues song with a gothic tinge.

In the musical world, “gothic” music and the gothic rock genre describes music with heavy, dark, and dramatic effects. This kind of music applies to post-punk bands, suchas Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, The Cure, and Bauhaus, who use rebounding guitarriffs and grovelling vocals to flirt with death and ponder on life’s futility. Flawless Solaceoffers a similar type of music; M Dallas Wright, the artist behind Flawless Solace, creates dreary tunes that embody the beautiful aspects of human grief. His single, “If You’re All Mine,” is about a devoted love that turns towards intense desperation. Wrightcries out, “Wherever you may go, wherever you are. No matter where you go, whereveryou are. My heart is yours to hold,” permanently giving a piece of himself to his beloved. Although the production of the song places Wright and his instrumentals in anout-of-place area hidden behind silk curtains, his emotion, nonetheless, spills out onto the listener.

Flawless Solace is yet to release any full-length albums. However, his current singleshave us excited for future releases.

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