Vocalizer: “Overthinking It”

April 11, 2021 | Writer: Princess Carroll

It’s catchy and all around perfect! We can’t stop listening to “Overthinking It” from Vocalizer.

“Overthinking It” is an addictive dance track. It gets us moving and singing along, making it the perfect piece to start off the new year! Despite its compelling beat, the lyrics are honest and quite heartfelt. Vocalizer manages to give his track depth, making it more than just a party anthem. Whether you’re in it for the music or fall in love with the lyrics, this single has a little something for everyone!

Vocalizer is a UK based artist. He’s relatively new to the scene, but you may have heard his 2020 debut release, “Hurt My Heart”. With recent covers of artists such as Fleetwood Mac and Sam Smith, we’re sure this is just the beginning for Vocalizer!

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