Ariana Grande: “34+35”

April 24, 2021 | Writer: Eric Reyes

Lawdy lawd, I need help. This song got me. I had fun, and I was laughing, and I was singing along at the top of my lungs. I’m a burly dude who leans more dark and heavy, musically, and I have no problem bumping this as I cruise the highway. The vibe is what will get you, and it wants to get you. Well, it wantsyou to get it… get at it. It wants you to bang, and it itself is one hell of a banger.

Ariana Grande isn’t here to play games. That’s kid stuff. The song is blatant and it is having fun with that audacity, and also knowing that it is catching you off guard. Or maybe you’re game, who knows. Butthis is all accomplished with very little effort. Ariana Grande glides through this song with a vocal performance that barely breaks a sweat, but definitely wants you to. Screw innuendo, we’re here for business, friend.

And it’s clever. Dear lord is it clever. Clever and catchy, hooking you in and bouncing around with this hungry, insatiable energy that never loses focus and demands yours as well. The lyrics are fun and naughty and playful and don’t care if you’re laughing nervously. The song is less a suggestive hand on your lap than it is a push back onto a plush bed with satin sheets as the lights dip down low.

Finding an effective balance of a solid beat with cleverly written lyrics designed to make you feel exactly how you’re feeling, this song is a tease. Listen to it, have fun, and if you’re trying to get someone finally take a hint and take you over the stars… play this song.

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