J.W. CUDD: “Hips”

April 31, 2021 | Writer: Eric Reyes

I don’t know if it’s the end of quarantine or something in the air other than Covid, but artist J.W. Cudd has been on a solid streak of hits this year. His latest release, ‘Hips’, is another great example of this creative wave.

J.W. Cudd has a finger on the pulse of his genre’s habits and leanings, and while he has so far proven adept at making these his own, ‘Hips’ is something new. You can feel the trill of creation through this song, as J.W. Cudd steps into a new personal style. I’d say it’s honestly my favorite of his latest releases, having reviewed a few at this point.

He has a certain vocal quality here that is distinct to him, in tonality, sure, but he makes ample use of his own diction throughout. The mix is really engaging. A chill pace that keeps up with the vocal performance. It’s an easy listen, and an infectious one too, as I found myself listening to it over and over. It’s a good cruising tune too, something you can get lost in. The consistency of his overall style is what I think I like the most, even in this exciting departure from the norm. I know this is a J.W. Cudd song because of how it sounds, how it feels. Get familiar and listen to ‘Hips’ today.

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