Ryan Hagan: “Don’t Let Me Stop”

May 04, 2021 | Writer: Honey Mills

The culmination of Ryan Hagan’s vocals and pop sensibilities make for one solid tune.  

“Don’t Let Me Stop” is the latest release from Ryan Hagan, a Nashville based pop artist that knows how to bring the heat—and the hooks—to his records. Produced by Grammy-nominated, Bryan Todd, Hagan’s latest release walks us through the truthful lyrics with airy vocals, open spaces, and a kick that will keep your attention throughout the entirety of the track. Our favorite part of the entire mix though, is Ryan’s voice; it’s beautiful.

Hagan’s performance is honest and exuberant bringing a range of artistry that audiences and peers can enjoy and appreciate. In fact, we highly recommend you add “Don’t Let Me Stop” to your playlist. It’s the perfect tune for the bliss of spring/summer. 

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